curb appeal ideas

Curb Appeal Ideas

I’ve been told you should never underestimate the power of your home’s curb appeal. I want to sell my home and my realtor has told me flat-out that my home has no curb appeal.

Curb-appealSure I’ve let it go for a few years. The shrubs are overgrown and untrimmed, the shutters are still painted a color that has faded to pink, the driveway is nasty from my son’s first car leaking oil, and the car port support posts are rusty. The deck is dangerous and looks awful. The interior has a fresh enough coat of paint as it was recently updated and has laminate hardwood floors. The realtor says the inside is fine. She says, “but, no one is going to look past the exterior because it is so unappealing”. I’m worried because I need the proceeds to help finance the rest of my  and my wife’s lives. We need to get top dollar for the house. The neighborhood is nice. But I didn’t have any Curb appeal ideas I could do myself.

Does this sound familiar? Could this be you talking about your own home?

Curb Appeal Ideas for your home

  1. Complete Yard service, with weed control.
    1. Mowing, edging
    2. Shrub and limb trimming.
    3. Refresh pine straw in the flower beds.
    4. Trash and clippings bagged and removed.
    5. Tear down and haul away old sheds (optional)
  2. Pressure wash all concrete areas including road side curbs, driveways. sidewalks, pool concrete, decks. etc.
  3. Carpentry repairs.
  4. Exterior painting (and Interior if needed.)
  5. Optional payment arrangements for paying at closing, or with-in 90 days, so there is no out-of-pocket upfront payment.

Whether you are selling your home or not, when curb appeal is important to you, call Clean Stream and let their Curb Appeal Ideas work for you.

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