deck cleaning

Dirty Sap Stained Deck

Deck CleaningDo you have a deck? Chances are you will need some occasional deck cleaning maintenance. This could be a simple rinse with plain water and a little elbow grease with a brush for the tough spots to get a clean deck. If your deck is mostly shaded, you will have decaying leaf residue and other organic buildup with the dirt to deal with. Should you pressure wash the wood? How do you decide how much pressure to use without damaging the deck wood? Experience is the answer. The more times you do it, the better your get. been doing it a long time.

DIY Deck Cleaning Pressure Washing Tips

Pressure washing is an effective method of deck cleaning. You will need more pressure than a garden hose can offer, maybe a good home center available pressure washer will do. What PSI (pounds per square inch) do I need to use? This will vary widely depending on the type of deck.

  • You need to use just enough pressure to clean the wood without damaging the surface. That will take a little practice.
  • Correct angle of the sprayer,
  • Best distance from the wood and
  • The pressure you use are all variables to consider when you are perfecting your technique.
  • Remember wood has hard parts and soft parts so be careful not to scoop out the soft wood..
  • You may have to go back and sand a few places if you end up with standing fibers.

There are products on the market that will help the deck cleaning process. When our customers want more than just a rinse, we use a restoring product that lifts the old wood fibers from the healthy wood underneath. The weathered wood fibers are easily cleaned away with a pressure washer. We follow that up with a brightener. This will enhance the color of the restored wood as well as neutralize the pH.

We use are plant friendly chemicals that will not fade the natural wood color like bleach. Check the label on the product you are considering and see if your plants will need covering.

If you try it yourself and are not pleased with the result, or you just do not want tackle a big project like deck cleaning, call us and we will be glad to give you a free estimate.

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