paint surface preparation

Clean Stream Paint Surface Preparation

paint surface preparation

Paint surface preparation, makes all the difference.

Want a top professional paint job with professional ” surface preparation” on your home structure? Of course you do. Clean Stream offers this service with-in a 60 mile radius of Columbus, Ga.

Clean Stream is an established local company

Paint surface preparation, paint choice and a thorough post painting inspection by a supervisor is what separates Clean Stream professional painting from “not-really-professionals”. Ever been disappointed with a paint job you paid too much for? Could be the result of poor sight preparation. (see the tip below).

Cleveland Heights Home Repair Resource Center Tip of the Week

If painting over latex gloss or semi gloss paint, or oil-based paint of any sort, instead of TSP use a pre paint surface preparation specially designed for high-gloss paint; apply the diglossia with a wash rag with light pressure. Fill all cracks

After the job, the painters couldn’t be found? Clear Stream is a local established company. You only have to pick up the phone and we’ll be over.


Paint Surface Preparation Clean Stream

Applying paint to your structure is serious business. Clean Stream Founder Phillip Rogers says, “lasting quality starts with paint surface preparation”. Without proper preparation the paint won’t stick well or last very long. So a cheap paint job isn’t always as cheap as it seems at first, when you must have your house painted every two or three years.

  1. Clean Stream starts by cleaning dirty, grimy, spore-covered exterior walls and trim with a pressure washer. Mildew thrives under fresh paint, which won’t adhere well to unclean surfaces. So we wash your home’s exterior before we paint.
  2. Once clap boards are dry, remove loose, flaking paint.
  3. A pad-sender machine or random-orbit tool fitted with 80-grit sandpaper will smooth out any remaining rough spots.
  4. Fill minor holes, dings, and chips in the siding with a patching putty or compound.
  5. If you’ve got a major rot problem, our carpenters can replace the bad wood, just like new. No need to call in a repair man.
  6. We use White, gray, or tinted primer to offer an even base for top coats to adhere to, and a uniform canvas from which to survey your work. Gaps in joints and around doors, windows, and other spots where horizontals meet verticals will all stand out in high relief, showing us where we need to fill in with caulk. If we are painting over bare wood or existing latex paint, then we use latex primer. But if we’re painting over multiple coats of oil-based paint, it’s best to stick with a new coat of oil-based primer.
  7. Silicon or top-of-the line polyurethane acrylic caulk give paint jobs a smooth, pleasing look. But the benefits aren’t purely aesthetic. Tight joints also prevent air leaks and block water penetration.
  8. We use the highest quality paint. The paints we choose have proven themselves to us over the years and we know the difference between highly advertised paint and the real best paint with the qualities that fit your structures needs. Clean Stream Professional Paint Services will make you smile year after year when you look at the finished product.

Just as your home’s foundation determines your structures longevity, Clean Stream’s paint surface preparation is the cornerstone of all our painting work. We are the Columbus, Ga. paint professionals. Our GUARANTEE “We won’t leave your property until you’re satisfied and happy”. PLUS one full year on workmanship.

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