Vent Hood Cleaning

Commercial Vent Hood Cleaning Service

Clean Stream – Vent Hood Cleaning Specialists

We have the experience and ability to cleaning commercial vent hoods and to insure its maintained and working properly. After initial vent hood cleaning, our service agreement will include a complete cleaning from hood to turbine, turbine belt replacement and bearing lube.

Vent Hood Maintenance

We offer a monthly filter change service for heavily used vent hoods. This service will keep the duct-work and turbine cleaner and reduce fire hazard between full pressure washing of the vent system. This service is particularly valuable for 24 hour operation with only two or three days closed during the year.

Facility Outdoor cleaning

  • Sidewalks / Walkways
  • Curbs and Driveways
  • Entrance ways Front sidewalk and entrance areas
  • Building Exteriors
  • Drive throughs
  • Vending areas
  • Dumpster area
  • Trash room
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