Wood rot repair is needed

Repairing Wood Rot

Discovering your home needs wood rot repair can be unsettling. Rotten wood trim around windows/doors, fascia boards, soffits and siding can lead to further damage inside and cause the cost of repair to be much higher. Repairs of outside trim should be attended ti immediately.


If you notice water leaking into your home around windows and doors, You need to take a look by making a close inspection at the area just outside the interior leak. Left undiscovered for even a few months can balloon repair bills to include interior damage repairs. Catching the leak problem early and having it repaired can save you loads of money. Exterior repairs are relatively inexpensive in most cases, but interior repairs can mean more work and materials like sheet rock replacement, trim repair and paint matching.

wood rot repair

Wood Rot Damage was poorly repaired with Bondo. Poor damage repair then failed and now leads to further repair expense.

Inferior Wood Rot Repair

If you want lasting wood rot repair work, remove the affected wood and replace it with new wood. You can make temporary repairs, like my last house painters did. They used bondo. When I inspected their work I didn’t notice, The bondo fell out and now it has to be repaired correctly. Now I’ll pay twice for the same repair. Avoid this, I should have done the repair myself, but I was pressed for time then. I’m retired now so I’ve got the time, but I’ll have to spend the money twice.


Take a close look at the trim around your windows and any chimney flashing. If there are gaps in the caulking, scrape out the old caulking and re-caulk. Inspect these areas once a year and you should avoid repair bills. If you are unable to make this inspection, have a reputable, licensed company do it for you. Some may charge an inspection fee, so make sure to ask before you invite them over.

Make sure the company you select replaces the damaged wood, caulks it, primes it and paint it to match. A good professional that cares about what he is doing should make short work of this repair.

At Clean Stream we specialize in Curb Appeal work, so we do wood rot repair on a daily basis. Clean Stream provides work references to all that need them. Clean Stream is licensed and insured, and we’ll give you a good price.

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