Wood rot repair

Wood Rot Repair

Eave and gable overhangs Repair

Soffits eaves and gable overhangs are susceptible to water damage caused by rain, improper flashing, torn shingles, and faulty gutters and may need wood rot repair. Once water has seeped in, the rot spreads quickly because the wood stays soggy inside the dark, space. Damage is also caused by birds and squirrels nesting inside eaves. These pests have can chew or peck through a perfectly sound eave, but they’re especially attracted to a water-damaged fascia or soffit, which offers less resistance. Bees and hornets also build nests in and under eaves. We will remove the wood rot, clean and prep all exposed surfaces. Prime and paint to match.

Facia Board Repair

Your homes’ exterior trim to which gutters are usually installed are Fascia boards. Fascia boards are susceptible to wood rot, they take the brunt of the rain and roof rain runoff. Though their placement makes them inherently vulnerable, they need to look good and last. We will replace and prime paint or stain.

Trim and Drywall Repair

Trim around you windows and doors are susceptible to wood rot by water leaks. When caulk dries out and shrinks or was improperly applied, water can make its way inside. We will remove and replace all rotten wood trim, caulk, prime, and paint to match.

As water accumulates inside the wall next to the leaking window or door you may have damaged drywall. We provide drywall and sheet rock replacement, finishing and then paint to match.

wood rot repair

water damage repair

Stair, Fence, and Deck Repair

Unsightly Wood Rot on your deck, stairs or fence. We remove and replace all decking, railing, and steps and replace them. We can paint or stain to match. Deck stair-steps, fences and deck repair is one of our specialties. Leaving your deck unrepaired is not only dangerous it is an eye-sore in most cases. Let us clean and repair your deck, so you can enjoy it again.

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